"A heart full of so many things to say and i dont know how to begin or how things will ever end because i like pain has no ending. My life has been a journey of good and bad alot of fear and mistreatment led to confusion. I have failed to give a expression to the feeling raging through my heart. It feels like silence and stillness and a total absence of light to guide me from what im going through.I have no regrets just sadness through out my room rooms of memory.Meeting you happend like destiny it wasnt planned.When i left you that night it pained me to see you go because of the comfort because when im with you i feel understood and not judged. I can see you in my mind,blushing over these words and it makes me smile in a sad sort of way.Theres this absence of light but when im with you i see clearly.All i know is that i miss having you here to light up this darkness. I wonder how often you think of us. If what we had faded enough that touching the memory of our time together brings you something sweeter than the end.Maybe im looking for things that i shouldnt be looking for."

Jessica Luis

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